about the product

Each piece of art is painted on weather and break-resistant acrylic "canvases", using a weatherproof paint medium. These canvases are virtually unaffected by sun, extreme cold, salt water spray, and are heat resistant (-30degrees to 200 degrees F). The weatherproof, aluminum standoff bolts are included with the purchase of each piece. 

about exposed

Exposed is a unique, custom-designed process developed for original art to withstand the outdoor elements.

Childhood friends Meredith Covington and Nan Jones created Exposed, inspired by a love for the outdoors and yearning to complement the trend of outdoor living.

Realizing the void of existing outdoor art (which should not be defined by re-purposed wagon wheels/driftwood, or shipwrecked captain wheels), they determined that painted art should be moved outside as the perfect complement to defining the special outdoor space.

Whether private residence, poolside, oceanfront home, or mountain cabin…these pieces are intended for those with an appreciation of both art and the outdoor environment.

What has transpired are pieces with clean, fresh, and organic palette styles that will only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.